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2018-2019 Winter Folkstyle

Practice & Event Calendar

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Welcome to the Winter 2018/2019 season!

Dates: Mondays and Thursdays, November 19 through February 28

Time: 6:00-6:50 for K-2 and 7:00-8:15 for grades 3-6

Place: Mankato East High School (2600 Hoffman Road)

Cost: $100 for registration and additional details


Wrestlers should dress appropriately for physical activity. Appropriate attire consists of t-shirt and shorts or if preferred (but not required) wrestling singlets. Wrestling shoes are also recommended but not required. T-shirts and shorts should not have buttons, zippers or be too loose so as to cause danger to either yourself or others.

● Practices will be held from 6:00-6:50 PM for grades K-2 at on Monday and Thursday Nights

● Practices will be held from 7:00-8:15 PM for grades 3-6 at on Monday and Thursday nights ○ Please Note: The most accurate schedule can be found at